"...these profoundly gifted performers have discovered a way of bringing the traditional sounds of country and bluegrass into seamless harmony with pop music instincts, and literate narratives that never veer deep into tropes or inaccessibility. This is a fully-formed debut, not the product of a fledgling musical vision. The eleven songs are distinguished by any apparent lack of filler and startling skill. The band, since their 2008 formation, has built an exemplary reputation in the music community as talented and dependable professionals who have shared stages across Canada and seven states with unique luminaries like Garrison Keillor and Dr. Ralph Stanley. One pass through One More Flight reveals why."

- William Elgin | Vents Magazine | full article

"Sawtooth Brothers are a band that will redefine your understanding of what bluegrass can be...the music they create is difficult to categorize: it transcends tradition. The songs are full of complex instrumental arrangements, meticulous harmonies, and sophisticated lyrics."

- Lillian Speakman | The Local Current Blog | full article

"It's the foursome's eighth album together, but it's the first where they've written and arranged every song — no standards, no recycled choruses. They manufactured every moment to match their vision."

- Jerard Fagerberg | City Pages Minneapolis | full article

"The band plays exceedingly complex material with technical precision, but the instruments serve the song, not the other way around...this album is packed wall-to-wall with songs that are catchy, well-crafted, thoughtprovoking, and thoroughly enjoyable. The band stands to take over where Cadillac Sky left off and venture into territory currently occupied by bands like the Punch Brothers. To riff on another cliché, I expect the sky’s the limit for Sawtooth Brothers and One More Flight."

- Katryn Conlin | Minnesota Bluegrass Magazine | full article

"The guys in the Sawtooth Brothers are twenty-somethings, but they’ve been at their music for over a decade. If you listen, you can tell the group’s roots are not only in bluegrass, but in all kinds of contemporary....... Anyone who has followed the Sawtooth Brothers over the years, has recognized that the group has gotten more sophisticated in every phase of musical performance”

- Phil Nusbaum | KBEM 88.5FM Minneapolis | full piece

"It’s a great balancing act, for whilst there are enough roots securing them to enough tradition as to appeal to the hardcore fans, their ability to blend it with more mainstream country, folk and even pop aware melodicism will serve them, and indeed the genre, well. They match old school dexterity with a deftness that will appeal to the masses, tug at enough nostalgic generic threads but comes up with marketable modern designs, in short they offer their chosen music a bright future..."

- Dave Franklin | Dancing About Architecture | full article

"‘Another Cliché’ sets the tone for a catchy collection of songs that stand up well as modern country as much as they do for the bluegrass purist. Sharing the vocal duties as well keeps “One More Flight” fresh and diverse."

- Matthew Boulter | Americana UK | full article

"With One More Flight, the Sawtooth Brothers prove themselves to be talented musicians who are willing to embrace a number of musical styles across the confines of a single album. The acoustic pop-style songs are very enjoyable (though fans who remember them from their bluegrass days might yearn for their older sound), and they tackle the progressive, bluesy grass numbers with lots of energy. The band will surely appeal to a broad base of listeners, and could easily choose from a number of musical paths to follow."

- John Curtis Goad | Bluegrass Today | full article

"The album’s final song, Take Me Away, closes One More Flight with a return to first principles. All of the hints of pseudo rock posturing scattered throughout the songwriting are absent here and, instead, the Sawtooth Brothers bring down a final curtain with the aid of another mandolin propelled outing with charming lyrics and a beautifully tasteful arrangement. Charm and taste are both in abundant supply on One More Flight – but the Sawtooth Brothers are highly skilled writers and musicians and, as the album demonstrates, have ample skill to burn. 9 out of 10 stars"

- Wayne Toole | Indie Music Review | full article

"Since their formation, the Sawtooth Brothers have distinguished themselves as among the pre-eminent young musicians working within the Americana genre today. The four piece’s first full length album release, One More Flight, will garner much attention and helps establish their credentials as among the best songwriters in the field today. They accomplish their artistic goals by faithfully invoking those rustic sounds in a modern context without ever trying to outright ape their poses and phrases of the past. Bluegrass, country, pop, and rock echoes resound through the album’s track and are filtered through pristine, acutely accurate production that lays out each musical element in beautiful detail. One More Flight shapes up, from its presentation forward, as an uniquely individual experience that never neglects tradition."
- Dave Collins | Indie Artists Alliance

They were the best entertainment this weekend!!!!! They are so serious about putting on the best quality show they can and they sure did. Right down to the wardrobe and emceeing. And they are so respectful and well-mannered and nice. It was a joy to have them here. I've been getting endless comments about their talents and professionalism. They have a special chemistry.

- Eddy van Ramshorst | Festival Promoter, Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, Canada

"Your group is a real breath of fresh air and you are going places - there's no doubt about that. I personally really appreciate the tight harmonies and dazzling instrumental work."

- Ken Hippler | Radio DJ/Producer of "Good and Country" - KFAI Minneapolis

"Working with Sawtooth was one of the highlights of my year! Every member of the band is so talented and well-spoken for their age. Every time I've seen them play, I can feel their deep passion for the music. I hope they continue to play together for many years to come!"

- Maria Bartholdi | Legacy Producer, KSMQ TV

"This young bluegrass band brought some fresh energy to Oak Center's stage, a stage that has been graced by many bluegrass greats thru the years. Their performance is full of well matched harmonies, and top notch instrumentals. Bringing some older tunes not typically bluegrass into their repertoire is the sugar coating for us old timers..."

- Steven Schwen | Oak Center General Store

"Sawtooth was a perfect fit for our KFAI Community Radio Live Roots Music Series at the Acadia Cafe. Not only did they play fine music and demonstrate professionalism beyond their age, Sawtooth received the first encore call of any band that's been part of the music series! The audience and radio station were honored to have their participation in the night."

- Sarah Lageson | KFAI Roots Saturday @ Acadia Cafe Organizer/Booker

"The new Americana themed outfit The Sawtooth Brothers brings together two sets of brothers into a four piece capable, in their own sonically modest way, of redefining the genre for the 21st century. The eleven songs on their debut One More Flight are a deft blend of traditional country, bluegrass, a splash of blues, and rock/pop strands enlivening what might otherwise be heard as staid or far too retro. The lyrics are delivered matter of factly, wrung dry of melodrama, and traffic in the style’s traditional themes without ever milking them purple with overwrought clichés. There’s enough genuine human experience, in all its absurdities, at the heart of these individual songs to fuel any musical work of art and it’s accomplished with a relatively small toolbox – guitar, mandolin, violin, and voice are One More Flight’s primary sounds. The Sawtooth Brothers bring them together with rare panache. "

- Joshua Stryde | Indiemunity | full article

“Their method of pulling songs off relies every bit as much on tasteful understatement as it does a strong command of the genre’s fundamentals, but they find a memorable synthesis of pop, rock, and country music in this impressive package. One More Flight never overreaches, but it is a collection demanding to be taken seriously on its own merits and appreciated for its invention. One More Flight makes use of customary instruments, but the arrangements are far from that. There is a recognizable quality in the playing and songwriting, however, that grounds One More Flight and The Sawtooth Brothers in a long tradition without leaving them hidebound to invoke it at every turn. ”

- Lydia Hillenburg | Band Blurb | full article

“You won’t believe your ears when you hear these two sets of brothers pickin’ and strummin’ with jaw-dropping ease – it is talent that’s far, far beyond their years.”

- Kurt Augustine | St. John’s Block Party Coordinator

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Dazzling audiences with precision picking and sharp harmonies developed over 13 years of playing, performing, and growing up together, these two sets of brothers have created a strong musical rapport with one another, which is channeled through their infectious original material. They have performed across the country and into Canada. From music halls to band shells under bridges, to festivals, caves, river boats, weddings, pizza restaurants, television, radio, and online, they've seen it all. They are the winners of the MBOTMA Race For a Place band competition, and the members boast numerous awards and honors including state champion playing and singing. Performing songs from their critcally acclaimed debut original album, here with us tonight/today, please welcome the Sawtooth Brothers!


Dazzling audiences with precision picking and sharp harmonies developed over 13 years of playing, performing, and growing up together, the Sawtooth Brothers have created a strong musical rapport with one another, which is channeled through their infectious original material. The sound of the Sawtooth Brothers is rooted in traditional bluegrass instrumental and harmony work and is influenced by modern acoustic sounds, blending pop and indie rock sensibilities with heartfelt americana.

During a live performance by the Sawtooth Brothers, audiences can expect creative original songs, hard driving bluegrass, classic country, gospel, and classic rock. Tying it all together is the band’s ability to put on a good show. Each band member’s strong passion for performing music is communicated through their entertaining and endearing stage show.

The Sawtooth Brothers have gained a reputation as sincere and hard-working professionals. They have performed across the country and into Canada. From music halls to band shells under bridges, to festivals, caves, river boats, weddings, pizza restaurants, television, radio, and online, they've seen it all. Guitarist Clint Birtzer is the 2009, 2011, and 2013 Minnesota Flatpicking Guitar Champion, as well as the 2015 SPBGMA Midwest Guitar Performer of the Year and 2015 SPBGMA National Guitar Performer of the Year nominee. He and Jesse Moravec are winners of the 2011 Minnesota Duet Championship. Fiddle player Luke Birtzer is winner of the 2010 Bluegrass Idol competition.