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Sawtooth Brothers

(formerly Sawtooth Bluegrass Band)

Between 2006 and 2019 we performed 423 concerts across 9 states and 2 countries.

As a founding member of the group, my duties icluded:

  • violinist
  • vocalist
  • web master
  • social media manager
  • "emcee"
  • spokesman

"When they write the book on bluegrass in Minnesota,
there will be an entire chapter on Sawtooth."

- Phill Nusbaum | KBEM Radio Host | (at the final Sawtooth Brothers performance, 2019)

Sawtooth's discography includes 5 studio albums available for streaming and purchase:

"...these profoundly gifted performers have discovered a way of bringing the traditional sounds of country and bluegrass into seamless harmony with pop music instincts, and literate narratives that never veer deep into tropes or inaccessibility. This is a fully-formed debut, not the product of a fledgling musical vision. The eleven songs are distinguished by any apparent lack of filler and startling skill. The band, since their 2008 formation, has built an exemplary reputation in the music community as talented and dependable professionals who have shared stages across Canada and seven states with unique luminaries like Garrison Keillor and Dr. Ralph Stanley. One pass through One More Flight reveals why."

- William Elgin | Vents Magazine full article

For more, please explore our website:

I built this website from scratch, and it now exists in an archived state as a subdomain of my own website.




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Tony Rook Band
Reflections  2018

Sawtooth Bluegrass Band
Gunflint Trail  2012
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Hello, world!

My name is Luke Birtzer.

Welcome to my website... a website of my own design, constructed to impress you with my vast portfolio and myriad interests.

I have worked in web design, multi-media design, transportation, and as a musician. It's as hard to find time in my life for all my interests as it is to make a coherent website about it all. So please, shoot me a message on Instagram if you have any questions, need help with a project, or just need directions around town.

Lyft Reviews

“Best lift driver I have ever had”

"This man is the most lit! No lie"

“Dude’s rad. Drives a manual and does it well.”

“I need to know if I left my jacket in Luke's car”

“100% didn’t leave until he made sure I was inside my home. Probably the best driver I’ve had so far. ”

“So nice! Legit gets to know you!”

“Great hearing about the bluegrass music :)”


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Musical Composition
During the 2020 lockdown, I channeled my frustration by writing this strange instrumental song that I named in honor of my late dog:
Beulah Belle

Personal record for # of likes on a selfie.
Shared on the Facebook group:
New Urbanist Memes for Transit Oriented Teens

Yoga plus Coffee

2018 MN Duet Singing Champions

featuring my brother: Clint Birtzer
In 2018, my brother and I won the Duet Singing Championship at the Minnesota State Fair.
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